We offer a full range of employee benefits.
We consider it to be a very important area and it is constantly being developed.

  • meal allowance
  • discounted calls provided by T-Mobile
  • supplementary pension allowance
  • flexipasses for work anniversaries
  • shift work and continuous operation allowance
  • quarterly and annual bonuses
  • incentive program with banks
  • products sold with an employee discount
  • extra week of vacation
  • home-office (possibility of working from home)
  • sports and cultural events
  • education allowance
  • MEO scholarship program
  • optional benefits tied to the results of the annual evaluation
  • MS Office license at a discounted price

Education and Personal Development

We support our employees in further education and personal development.


We support our employees’ careers by offering internal career advancement within the company. Employees progress up the career ladder within the position of junior to standard to senior or specialist depending on their experience. Employees may grow not only in the context of their position but they can also gradually prepare for the transition to a completely different job position according to their professional and personal dispositions through individual development plan.


We offer a broad portfolio of internal courses (full time and e-learning) including technology, soft skills, lean and other professional courses. In the context of internal education we give employees the opportunity to pass on knowledge and skills they have to their colleagues as internal teachers. The company supports the transfer of experience between generations and applies the principles of mentoring. We invest considerable amount of resources in new information and production technologies every year and our employees are acquainted with them through training programs.


We support the increase of our employees’ qualifications through:

  •  Apprenticeship
  • Secondary school education
  • High school / University education
  • MBA studies
  • Comprehensive courses in the field
  • We provide study leave and we pay 50 % of tuition fees for the entire study period

Employees have the opportunity to participate in various projects across processes, allowing them to expand their knowledge outside their field, to meet colleagues from other departments and to improve their project management. Participation in these projects opens the way for employees’ career growth within the company.


We organize language courses in a range of four lectures per week for a chosen group of employees of technical profession every year. In these lectures we focus in particular on the active use of language in practice. The course is completed by a final exam.


Company Meopta – optika, s.r.o. closely cooperates with various institutions on operational programs and educational projects. More information is available when clicking on the link below.

Operational program Human Resources and Employment project “Promoting the competitiveness of member companies OHK Olomouc by increasing the adaptability of their employees”.

Project registration number: HRE / 1.1/52/1/00054



Operational program Human Resources and Employment

Priority axis: 1 Adaptibility
Supported area: 1.1 Increasing employees’ adaptability and companies’ competitiveness
Project Name: AMOS
Project registration number: CZ.1.04/1.1.04/60.00268
Period of the project: 01.01. 2011 – 31/12/2012



Employee Stories

Pavel Šťastný
Senior director Marketing & Sales

Stanislav Palička
Production Manager of Mechanics Division

I started to work at Meopta right after I graduated from college on a position of marketing referent and currently I work as marketing manager. I constantly learn new things at Meopta. Since Meopta delivers its products to more than 55 countries worldwide, my job scope is very challenging and it constantly makes me go above my limits and see...
Pavla KrutílkováPavla Krutílková

Marketing manager

Meopta has afforded me opportunities for personal and career growth which I would not have previously imagined possible. Being able to work and learn the Sports Optics industry in America for Meopta USA and then transitioning that experience to the headquarters in Přerov with Meopta-optika has given me a unique perspective on the wants and needs of the global hunting...
Surujh RoopnarineSurujh Roopnarine

Global Sales Manager

I work at Meopta for 3 years, I joined the trainee program at the optics division. First, I got a chance to get to know the overall functioning of the company and later I started to focus on the optical division. Currently I work as an optical technologist and at the same time I am getting familiar with coordination of...
Martin JurečkaMartin Jurečka

Optic Technologist

I started to work for Meopta as trainee at the end of the year 2003. After a short training I got the opportunity to work at Meopta USA where I got the opportunity to see how individual production departments cooperate together. The main scope slowly moved to the quality management and production increase thanks to applying proven methods of industrial...
Vojtěch SanetrníkVojtěch Sanetrník

Senior Director Quality Management

I came to Meopta six years ago, thanks to the scholarship program at the Palacky University in Olomouc. I started at a position in the measuring methods development department, which was a perfect choice for me, because there I can  use my knowledge from physics modeling, programming and practical lab work. From the beginning on, my boss gave me enough...
Bohumil StoklasaBohumil Stoklasa

Development Engineer

I started to be interested in Meopta thanks to the project Talented students in which I participated in 2012 during my 4th year at the Tomas Bata University. Meopta got my attention thanks to its history and specific product portfolio. First, I did an internship, which went well, and above my expectations. I was able to participate and work on...
Tomáš NavrátilTomáš Navrátil

System Engineer

I began to work at Meopta 12 years ago as a entry controller of mechanical parts for binocular projects. Later I took the opportunity to work as a mechanic of optical devices and from here I moved to the clean room. After getting some experience, I started to work as the Semi-product leader in 2006. I really enjoy working here,...
David FridrišekDavid Fridrišek


I started to work at Meopta while I was stillstudying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ČVUT in Prague. I got an opportunity to participate on a development project at a time where Meopta began its cooperation with a foreign customer, so I had a chance to work on the development of a hi-tech product internationally. During the year, where...
Jiří VlkJiří Vlk

Mechanics R&D manager

I started to work in Meopta in 2009, shortly after I graduated from the University. I was very excited to get this job offer, because it matched exactly my educational background. In Meopta I was able to gain more experience and got to know new people that were very helpful. One of the key moments was my working internship in...
Jana MartinkováJana Martinková

QEMS Manager