What should I do in case I have not found a suitable open position?

In case you have not found a suitable open position you can register in our database and we will contact you in case we have a suitable opening. 

Can I apply for another position if I have not been successful in a previous interview?

Of course, in case you are not successful in one interview it does not mean that you are not a suitable candidate for a different position. However, we recommend you to carefully think about the given requirement for the given position. Check out our suggestions in „How to succeed in an interview“ section. 

What are my chances to succeed in an interview?

Everyone has a chance to be successful.

How long do you keep the resumes in your database?

We keep the resumes for 2 years in our database.

Will anyone train me in my new position?

All new hires have to go through new employee orientation program under the supervision of experienced mentors. For more information, please go to the „Employee“ section