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Why Meopta?

Meopta is a global manufacturer of precision optics, specializing in the design, engineering and assembly of complex optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems. Meopta creates innovative, total solutions for the consumer, industrial and military markets.

Meopta offers a wide range of positions with the possibility of a career growth. Meopta will appreciate, evolve and value your potential in fields that go from the original idea to the final customer delivery. High credit of our success is one of the employee values and a motivational factor for potential candidates.


Special optical prism sets are the key element of digital projectors in movie theaters. Thanks to Meopta production you can enjoy perfect pictures in HD quality. 


Our night vision sights are being used by Czech and foreign army Special Forces units.


Our Sports Optics are world class quality; highly rated among hunters, birders and nature lovers.


Meopta is a proud sponsor of the Czech Biathlon representation.

Kariéra Plus - VŠB-TU Ostrava, more information

Den firem – VUT Brno, more information

iKariéra – ČVUT Praha, more information

Event calendar:

Here you can find an overview of the most important events where you will have an opportunity to meet a Meopta representative.

Official website of Meopta - optika s.r.o.: www.meopta.com